Dancing Queen

Ever since the moment we found out Jilly was a girl I've been dreaming of my little ballerina.  My old pointe shoes are hanging in her bedroom along with a couple other ballerina prints.

But after seeing the moves this girl comes up with, I'm thinking we may be heading in the hip hop direction.  Hopefully I can convince her to try on a tutu at least once for me!

(You should probably be impressed with Bryan's beatbox skills as well)


Jana said...

she's got the shimmy down :) so cute!!

Katie Rich said...

Ah man. . . the shake and shimmy. So cute!

The Daytons said...

Oh my goodness that was the cutest shimmy I've ever seen! You better watch out when she is old enough to date:)

Allison said...

oh that's awesome! so much fun!!