Gotta get down on Friday

Last Friday we were with my sisters and they kindly sang this song at the top of their lungs for us.

And now it's been in my head all day today.  Thanks girls.

Have you missed her around here?  I sure have.  I'm sick of taking pictures of my clothes!  Even though there's no picture today, trust me, I am jazzing up my jeans.  

I'm sure you've been wondering what Jilly has been up to lately.
- She started saying "mama" and even though she hasn't connected that mama is me, it melts my heart every time
- She decided she can stand all on her own which enables her to get into even more mischief
- At her 9 month checkup the doctor said to start feeding her more table food and nursing less (hooray!)  This week we've discovered that she loves graham crackers (just like her dad) and cheese (just like her mom)
- She's way into animals lately so we have to stop and look at any cats or dogs (or any other creatures we encounter which thankfully isn't very many.)  I can foresee many fights in our future when she begs for a pet and I refuse.
- She is so fun to play with.  She giggles so much when we chase her or play peek-a-boo.  And we found an old wrapping paper roll that has been endless fun.  Maybe she could stay 9 months forever?!?!

Hope you get down this Friday.  Bryan and I are going on a hot date here and I can think of no better way to get down on Friday.  :)