RVA weekend

Last weekend my sister Jenn was visiting from Utah so we went down to Richmond so "Gigi's whole family" (Jilly's words) could be together.  We had a fantastic time and I kind of wish we could go back and do it all again this weekend.  On Saturday we went to Tyler's early-morning soccer game, to a carnival at the middle school, played at the pool for a couple hours, had a picnic at Maymont, played PIG in the driveway, and then ended the night roasting s'mores in our backyard.  It was busy but so fun.  On Sunday we took some family pictures after church then ate dinner and celebrated all the May birthdays.  We let the girls show everyone their scooter skills then packed up and headed home.  Jilly fell asleep before we even got to the end of the street; a sure sign of an excellent weekend.

^Mattie loved her snow cone til it was gone and she realized how "ticky!" she was

^ Our family has been going to Canterbury pool since forever and it's so fun to watch my girls play at the pool I grew up loving. 

^ I'm sure I never realized how awesome my parents are until I became a parent.  We're so lucky to have Gigi and Papa.

^ "the Original 8"- I wish I could remember what was so funny

^ the Scooter Brigade- the girls taught Uncle Neal a few new tricks


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Love these pictures!! And love that your family was all together. :)