five fact friday

one- We're experiencing a true East Coast Spring/Summer.  It has rained quite a bit and we can practically see the grass/plants/flowers growing in front of us.  All around us is the greenest green and it's so beautiful!

two- This was a week ago but I felt I needed to document that we did not let National Donut Day go unheeded.

three- Jillian loves to be the first to go in when Mattie wakes up from her nap.  The other day she brought with her half the contents of her bedroom and all of the books from Mattie's basket.  I was listening in the hall and was surprised that she had memorized many of the books and could read them almost perfectly.  

four- We live near Johns Hopkins so we have lots of friends who are here for school/residency/fellowship programs and a few of them are finishing and moving this summer.  We've been going to goodbye parties like it's our job.  It's fun to have an excuse to get together but sad to say goodbye.

five- Hellooooo Summer!  We hit the 90s this week and Mattie was sick (of course!) but Jilly loved playing in our new sprinkler.  We're going to get a lot of use out of this little caterpillar this summer.


Steph said...

Your girls are beautiful!