Heard this week...

Coming home from spending a night camping with a bunch of 12-15 year old boys-
R: Are you tired? Want to take a nap?
B: Oh no, I'm fine
15 seconds later...

Jilly sees a dead bird in the road
J: (singing) dead, dead, dead in the road, dead, dead, dead in the road

Picking Mattie up from nursery-
M: Mommy, I ha fun! I ha fun! 
(she cried for a full hour)

Up in the middle of the night with a feverish Mattie who had gone to sleep wearing dress-up
M: Gee-yen aseep?
R: Yes, Jillian's asleep
M: Gee-yen wear jammies?
R: Yes, Jillian is wearing jammies
M: Mommy wear jammies?
R: Yes, I'm wearing jammies
M: Me jammies?
R: Do you want me to get some jammies for you?
M: NO! Me dess up!

Leaving for church-
B: I wish I could wear my favorite shirt to the grocery store and the park, then to book club, and then to church 
(he's a collar hater and I maybe wear this shirt a lot)

J: So do you just like really really really love soda?
R: What would make you think that?
J: You drink it every day
R: (thinking) We've got to get this girl in school asap


Shauna said...

Oh too funny! I love them all!