five on friday

1.  We spent a few weeks this Spring seriously thinking of moving further south.  Bryan was offered a job and we went down to Raleigh for a weekend to check it out but in the end it just wasn't right for us right now.  So we're happy to be sticking around B-more for a while.  And...

2.  We bought a house!  Our "new" little house was built in 1958 and the woman we're buying from is the original owner.  It's totally an old lady house (i.e. blue flowered wallpaper and salmon-colored walls) and I love it (and can't wait to make it our own.)

3. We have to be out of the home we're renting by tomorrow and our closing date on the new house isn't for a few weeks so technically we're homeless for a month.  I was stressed about this until I realized that means we won't be paying rent or mortgage for an entire month.  I have big plans (in the form of new furniture) for that saved money.  And thank goodness for our wonderful parents who are letting us bum with them for a few weeks.

4.  Jilly was super terrified all her treasures wouldn't make it to the new house (don't tell her, but this is not an unfounded worry since I've been doing my best to Marie Kondo my way through our house.)  She has been constantly begging to help so she can make sure nothing gets cut.

5.  Packing is quite a treasure hunt, even after only living here for a year.  So far we've found Mattie's missing jelly shoe deep in Jilly's closet, some toys I bought for the girls and forgot to ever give (jackpot!), the tv remote that has been missing for 3 weeks (stuck inside the couch, not just under the cushions but somehow inside the couch- no clue how it got there), a library movie (grrr), and my Sacramento library card.

In the midst of all the hard work, we did have some fun this week

Popsicles in the backyard-

Superhero masks from the library-

A huge thunderstorm then a beautiful sunset with the coolest clouds-

Turns out an empty house can be really fun-

One last lunch with our Boston-bound friends (Connor is showing exactly how we feel)

She works hard for the money-

When Jilly saw our empty living room she said "Oh it's like a ballroom!" and immediately started performing-

Mattie insisted on sleeping on the floor with Jilly (note the pack-n-play all ready for her.)


Shauna said...

Congrats on the new house and good luck with the move. Mattie sounds just like Peyton... She always has to do what her brother does! Must be a second sibling thing!