Friday Five: California Dreamin'

ONE- After a week of packing and cleaning and more packing flying across the country was downright fun, especially because Bryan flew with us.  We flew straight from Baltimore to Oakland and our girls were amazing.  Those six hours were the most relaxing part of my whole week.

TWO- These girlies hadn't seen each other for a full year but they didn't miss a beat.  And it turns out that 4 is the magic age when they don't fight over every.single.toy.  It's been so fun to watch them play together (and Mattie always tagging along behind.) 

THREE- We've been wearing our girls out every day and they've been crashing every night.  Mattie is not always the friendliest little girl, especially when it comes to men, but she snuggled right up with Uncle Chad.

 FOUR- Super burrito.  Apart from his family, good Mexican food is definitely what Bryan has missed most about California.

FIVE- John's Ice Cream is another one of our favorite stops in CA.  And my girls have a real soft spot for their purple Ube ice cream (Jilly in Dec 2012, Mattie this week)