five on friday

ONE | Fourth of July- We were still with all of Bryan's family and had an all-American day of swimming, slurpees, delicious bbq and homemade ice cream, bounce houses at the Oakley festival, and fireworks.  Jilly was especially patriotic and loved to yell "America!!" 

TWO | Eight Years - Bryan and I celebrated our anniversary and were actually together this year!   We took advantage of family to watch our girls and went shopping then ate a delicious dinner and topped the night off with the yummiest cookie ice cream sandwiches (I'm really really hoping Cream makes its way out east soon.)

 THREE | We were sad to see everyone go, but so lucky to get a week with Nana and Papa all to ourselves.  We visited nearly every park in Oakley, went to the Oakland Zoo and Tilden Park, and ate lots of ice cream.  We flew home on Dress Like a Cow Day (poor planning!) so we made pretty lame masks and stopped by cfa for breakfast on our way to the airport, which ended up being an excellent idea because thanks to a delay and 3 hour time change we didn't get home til midnight.

FOUR | We couldn't leave CA without visiting the Schaders.  Lisa is always the hostess with the mostess and took excellent care of us.  The kids loved having a popcorn party and watching Mary Poppins then visiting Happy Hollow.  And I loved some quality time with my besty.  The only damper on the visit was in the middle of the night when I heard Mattie crying and panicked because I couldn't find her; finally I realized she had rolled under the bed and was stuck!  Poor girl, but she recovered quickly.

FIVE | We made it to Baltimore and stayed with friends for a night then drove down to Richmond since we were still homeless.  We had a fun couple days with my family but today is the happiest day because WE GET KEYS TO OUR NEW HOUSE!!


Shauna said...

I read this while feeding Logan at 6:00 am and then dreamt that we were moving in near you when I went back to sleep for a bit. Definitely wouldn't complain if that actually happened! Sounds like you've had a fun few weeks. Congrats on the new house and good luck getting moved in!