girls lately

+ Talks nonstop.  My favorite things she says are "Cindewedda" (Cinderella) and "manamelon" (watermelon.)
+ Is the best person to share an oreo with.  She breaks off the cookie (my favorite part) and gives it to me then licks the frosting off and gives the other now-wet cookie to Jilly (who sometimes accepts and sometimes turns up her nose.)
+ While in CA my mother-in-law told me she was so impressed that Mattie knew her colors to which I responded "she does??"  That's right, somehow Mattie has learned all the colors with absolutely no help from her lame-o mother.
+ Is still sweet but very feisty.  She's got a mean foot stomp and is not afraid to use it.  The other day Bryan told her "Did you just say no to me?" and she stomped and said "Yes.  I say NO to you!"  She's not an infrequent visitor to time out.

+ Discovered her summer reading chart while we were unpacking and has been cracking the whip ever since.  She follows me around all day asking what we can do next to get a sticker on her chart.
+ Came up with a new word: cuzzle.  It's a combination between cozy and snuggle and her most favorite thing in the world to do.
+ Is so sensitive.  She spent our last couple days in CA crying because she was going to miss Nana and she totally lost it at the airport.  Sometimes her emotions are a little too much for me but I'm trying to be patient.
+ Has decided that the dress code for her birthday party (in November) will not be "dress up"  but "dress nice."  Her favorite topic of conversation is what everyone in our family will be wearing.


Kylie Martinez said...

Juice me, Bry! I love these littles.

Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Best post ever. They're so cute!!