friday five

We're one week into home ownership (the second time around) and so far it's gone pretty well.  I've made 5 trips to Lowes and 3 trips to Ace Hardware so I'd say we're right on schedule.

one | For the most part this past week we've been painting.  Our house isn't super big, but we do have a large-ish front room (living/dining room) that was coral with a side of beige and that was first to go.  Bryan was in charge of the tall wall over the stairs and gave me a 45 minute heart attack while he stood on his makeshift platform and painted.

two | We bought our first lawnmower and edger and blower!  Our backyard has the loveliest landscaping and we're making sure to really enjoy it this first summer because our black thumbs will make sure at least 70% of it doesn't survive to 2016.

three | My mom (who is the best person I know) kept the girls for five days while we started the move in/paint/unpack process.  We were so happy to have these little munchkins back on Wednesday; it has been so fun to watch them explore and fall in love with the new house.  Anytime we leave Mattie says "I wanna go back to MY house."  

four | This house has a pantry (our first!) and an extra fridge/freezer so I went all out at Costco this week in hopes that I won't have to go again for months.  The ladies at checkout told me there was absolutely no way I'd be able to fit everything in one cart so they filled up two carts that I promptly stuffed into one.  Hear me roar.

five | While the girls were gone I felt like my time would be better used getting stuff done than making dinner so we ate out A LOT (and... I kind of loved it.)  But after the girls were back and we had raided Costco I had no more excuses so I made my first real dinner in a month and it actually didn't kill me (shockingly.)  We finished off our first home-cooked meal in our house with ice cream cones in the backyard.  I think we're gonna like it here.


Harlan Sanford said...

That's aces, Rachel! It’s great that you've dealt with the paint job, having gone through the suspense of the fragile platforms and the tall walls. And it appears you have picked a very regal and elegant color for it, which makes all the difference. Cheers!

Harlan Sanford @ Painter Ready Knox

Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Eeekk!! I love it! It's so beautiful! And Bryan's painting platform almost gave me a heart attack. :)