The Mountains and the Sea

Last week we were together with all of Bryan's brothers and their families.  We spent a few days at a cabin in Arnold, CA where we visited Big Trees State Park, played, swam, fished, and kayaked on the lake, and stopped daily for the most delicious milkshakes I've ever tasted.  Then at the end of the week we spent a day at Santa Cruz and Pizza My Heart.  It was a great week and we can't wait to get the crew all together again.

^ Nana got the girls new sunnies and they were a big hit

^ we have a tree hugger (when she finds her initial carved into a tree)

^ Bryan kept the girls' water bottle on his belt loop and it was the cutest thing ever to me

^ I love how Knox's eyebrows got filled up with sand 

^ You could get a t-shirt + slice of pizza for $6 so of course we couldn't pass it up


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Such a great time! And I know I'm weirdly obsessed with all your girls cute swimsuits, but Mattie's watermelon one?! Aahh! I love it!