friday five

1. Happy Halloween!!  All day Jilly's been saying "I just can't believe today is Halloween!"  We're excited to trick-or-treat with some friends tonight and there will possibly (likely) be a costume change from last week so stay tuned.

2.  Bryan bought a skeleton head last weekend as part of our trunk decorations.  In order to help the girls not be afraid of the skeleton he named it Ken.  And the girls bought it hook, line, and sinker.  Mattie will give Ken kisses, Jilly shares her snacks and drinks, and they both love to tell him hello each morning.  Dads are kind of superheroes.

3. Jilly started a little Ballet class at the Y this week.  When we were buying ballet shoes I told her to point her toes and she used her index finger to point to her toes so... lots of learning to be done.  She had fun in the class and I just loved watching her do something that I loved so much.

4.  Mattie is such a shoe girl.  While Jilly tried on ballet shoes Mattie found every sparkly shoe within reach and and then tried them all on.  

5.  With October ending we enter birthday season.  In the next two weeks we have my mom, Bryan, Bryan's dad, my nephew Knox, and Jilly's birthdays.  Whew.  And I have bajillions of Christmas projects floating in my head these days; it will be miraculous if they all come to fruition.  It's the most wonderful time of the year!


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Not sure how I got so behind on your blog, but I'm loving these posts. Jilly belongs in ballet! She's going to be a dancer like her mom. :)