five on friday

1. Jilly stayed with my family for a few extra days after our trip this weekend.  While she was gone I couldn't believe how quiet it was at home, and I kept thinking how easy it was to just have one kid (something I would not have told you two years ago.)  In all honesty those days were quite nice, but we missed our chatty, happy girl and were so glad to have her home on Wednesday.  

2.  Mattie got a rotten stomach bug this week.  She didn't eat much over the weekend then on Monday she couldn't keep anything down at all.  It was kind of terrifying because we're already worried about her being underweight.  We were just a few hours away from having to take her to the ER but after a long nap she finally was able to drink and eat a little bit.  She's back to herself now, thank goodness!

3. I finished reading The Expats this week; it was so good that while I was reading at the gym I suddenly realized that I had been on the bike for over an hour after planning to only be there for 30 minutes.  My muscles paid for it the rest of the week.

4.  It's gotten a bit colder and I've discovered we are embarrassingly unprepared for the winter that is quickly coming our way.  I upgraded Jilly from a single pair of socks (that were Halloween socks) to a six pack and bought lots of leggings for her.  So, now maybe we'll make it through November. 

5.  Mattie is at a fun stage where she surprises me every day with new things she can understand and say.  The other day she found some deodorant and proceeded to lift up her shirt and rub some on her tummy.  While Jilly was gone we were heading out the door and Mattie suddenly ran over and turned off the tv- that is always Jilly's job before we go and I had no clue that Mattie had been watching her and knew how to turn it off.

Happy Weekend!!


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

So cute about Mattie putting on deodorant and turning off the tv! And pretty sure I've never accidentally exercised for a half hour longer than I planned. Usually, I'm staring at the clock, waiting until it's over. :)

Katie said...

Your girls are so cute! And I know what you mean about one kid seeming easy after you have two!

Allison said...

darn, I wish I could give you my cold gear supply I collected over the last few years (that is now going to sit in my Arizona attic forever)!! Tip- buy tons of the cheapy knit gloves. Those puppies disappear like socks.