J to the illy


Sitting in the car while I'm checking something on my phone before we leave-
J - Uhhh mommy, I think you forgot something
R - hmmm
J - I think you forgot to drive or something

Saying Prayers-
J - Heavenly Father, thanks that we could go to Costco and buy new granola bars and goldfish because I think they're really yummy and thank you that we could have family night and treat if we eat our dinner, okay?

After getting her first McDonalds Happy Meal-
J - That was really nice of them to give me this toy!
(don't get used to it says cheap-o mom)

The very next day after getting a pair of new shoes-
J - Daddy, feel my feet! These shoes are too big and I neeeeeed new ones

Jumping on couch cushions-
J - This is called exercise!

On a walk-
J - Mom!  The wind just blew up my nose!

Another prayer-
J - Thanks for Jesus and that he made the world and kids and nightgowns and movies and libraries
(these are a few of my favorite things)

Jilly has discovered Siri
J - Rainbow flowers!
S - I'm not sure what you said there
J - Show me rainbow flower
S - I didn't find anything on the web for "Read about Freret does when rainbow flower."
J - Please Show me rainbow flower
S - No, doesn't look icy right now in Randburg, South Africa
Miraculously, she occasionally does eventually see pictures of rainbow flowers

(I just uploaded a bunch of pictures from my real camera and found this one from our beach trip in July)


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Oh my gosh, she is hilarious! Love her prayers. :) Blake definitely just prayed the other night, "Thank you for tooters." Meaning gas. Needless to day, Jilly's prayers are a little classier.