five fact friday

(one) Our sweet neighbor gave us a bag of clothes for the girls.  Jilly got to the bag before I could run interference and has fallen in love with dresses that I swear I wore in 1992.  Happily, this leotard was also in the bag and Jilly has fallen in love with ballet.

(two) You know you watch too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when your 16-month-old says "mee mou" (Minnie Mouse) and "hoh dah" and does an impressive hot dog dance.  This week Mattie also started talking in full sentences (if you define sentence very loosely.)  At least 15,000 times a day she says "Want dink" (drink.)   

(three) On Wednesday Bryan was working out in the field and finished early so they said he could come home and not worry about going in to the office.  So we used our free afternoon to go swimming at the Y.  It was such an unexpected and fun afternoon.

(four)  We've had a little bit of mouse trouble this week.  Twice we've had a mouse climb up our fence then jump into our trash can (outside by the curb far from the house) then die in there.  It's super gross and besides seeing enough dead mice to last my entire life I am now completely freaked out that there are mice in my house.  Every time I go down to the basement I turn on all the lights then stand on the couch just to be on the safe side.  And I was not overly enthusiastic when my girls wanted to oogle at the mice at the pet store this week.  (But check out that ombre!)

(five)  Happy Conference Weekend!!  More info here on one of my favorite weekends of the year.

 (one of the offending dresses from our neighbor... cringe-worthy)


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

(1) Holy Ombre!
(2) Still love that rug. Still want to get it.
(3) I need a video of Mattie doing her hot dog dance ASAP.

Janssen said...

That dress is so much less awful than I expected.