five on friday

I originally typed "friday on five" so that tells you my mental state at present...  This is definitely going to be a stellar post.

1.  After much stalling we couldn't avoid it anymore- Jilly earned her Elsa dress.  One day at Target we saw an Elsa dress and Jilly was just dying to have it.  She only needed one more sticker so I told her if she cleaned her room when we got home she could have it.  She raced out of the car and her room was clean in record time- I was shocked at how fast and what a good job she did.  It was worth the long wait to see how excited she was to finally have that dress.

2. When I was taking pictures of Jilly's dress Mattie ran over and said "cheee!"  I have a ridiculous amount of love for this tiny girl.  

3. My girls have discovered Claire's - heaven help me.  They could spend hours in there trying on every.single.thing.  We took poor Nana with us and this is how it went.
J- (holding a little makeup thing) "Mommy, I want this!"  
R- "Okay, we'll put it on your birthday list"
J- "Well, I'm going to show it to Nana"
Five minutes later we walk out with not one but two little makeup things.


4. Are you sick of me talking about Fall?  You should be.  But Maryland is killing it in the leaf department and I'm just so, so in love.

5.  I'm in charge of our Trunk-Or-Treat at church this weekend which means my dining room has been overtaken by orange and black decorations, I've been to six different grocery stores in the past four days, and I'm thoroughly sick of the holiday and it's still 8 days away.  What do you call the Grinch of Halloween? (Just kidding, it's been fun to plan the party and I'm sure I'll be back in the Halloween spirit when I'm no longer responsible for a party for 350 people!)