Nana's Visit Part Three - Halloween Dinner and Weber's Farm

On Sunday we had the traditional Martinez Halloween dinner of homemade corndogs
I made a few other Halloween-ish side dishes and decorated the table for a fun and festive meal

after 3.94 years of mothering I finally earned rockstar status with green food coloring in our water 

They don't look like much, but trust me, homemade corndogs >>>> storebought corndogs 

On Monday we went to Weber's Farm
It had everything we could have asked for-
hay maze, tractor ride, duck races, tire mountain, boo barn,
and our very favorite- the slides.
Also, apple cider donuts and the best cider I've ever tasted.
It was a perfect way to spend our last day with Nana.

 "I'm Queen of the Wooooorld" 

M's turn as queen 

Jilly kept yelling at me to put my hands up.  This was my best effort.

Come back soon Nana!!


Emily said...

What a fun weekend! Your spooky dinner looks amazing. What recipe do you use for homemade corn dogs?! Yum! So jealous you had a visitor.

Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Those corn dogs look so good! We may have to highjack that tradition. Do you guys have a recipe? I'm such a boring mom. That dinner looked so cute!!