happy birthday

He builds forts with the girls on Sunday mornings
When he reads bedtime stories he always does the best voices
We all cheer/breathe a sigh of relief when he comes through the door each night
He's smart and funny and works hard and takes excellent care of his girls
We love our Bryan and were thrilled to celebrate his birthday this week

As per usual, we spread out the birthday celebrations over a few days.  
On Sat. night we did some birthday shopping at the mall and got dinner while we were out
The restaurant was all out of kids' cups, which should be a crime 
The girls didn't mind drinking chocolate milk out of a glass cup but Bryan and I about killed ourselves taking care that said glass cup didn't break 

On Monday night we had ice cream cake
Mattie was a little terrified of the candles but Jilly was happy to help blow them out

And then on Tuesday (his real bday) we had crab for dinner
Our first taste of real Baltimore crab and it didn't disappoint
We're quickly learning that Old Bay Seasoning is Maryland's love language
And we're digging it too

Happy Birthday Bryan!! We love you


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

So impressed you guys made crab!!! That intimidates me beyond all reason. Happy birthday to Bryan!