Six on Saturday

1. Halloween was so fun.  We had some friends come over to trick or treat with us, and the girls got quite the haul (which Bryan and I happily helped take care of.)  At the risk of sounding like the most obnoxious mom ever, I was so impressed at Jilly's thank you-ing.  If she forgot she'd run back up to the door to yell thank you.  Also, Jilly dressed up as Rainbow Barbie Princess this time because who wears the same costume twice?  (Barbie and the Secret Door is our jam these days.)

2.  Mattie's had a phantom cough this week- nonexistent during the day but constant all.night.long.  It's been a rough week in the sleep department and some of us have been less pleasant than others.  This has been Mattie's outfit of choice and I have been very obliging.

3.  My grandparents came to visit us last night and it was so fun to see them.  Mattie (who usually is super slow to warm up to people) loved my Grandma and kept bringing toys and books one by one to show her.  They also gave Jilly a little purse for her birthday that she is in love with.

I didn't take the picture til Mattie was very, very tired but she was happy, I promise!

4.  Jilly drew this family portrait (to scale, obviously) and it makes me so happy.  Can't decide if my favorite part is where she started to draw my head then decided I was definitely not that tall, or floating legless Mattie.

5. We brought Bryan's helicopter out of retirement this week and it's been the source of much after-dinner excitement.   

6.  Today may be the greatest day of my life.  I slept in til 8:30 (!!!!!), Bryan made pumpkin french toast for breakfast, we all went to the gym and Mattie didn't cry in the child watch (a long-awaited first), I went to Target with just Jilly, and now both girls are sleeping, Bryan's at a church meeting and I'm catching up on tv.  Also, we have delicious leftovers from last night to have for dinner.  Pinch me please.


Shauna said...

Peyton has had that same phantom cough this week - not fun!!

Katie said...

Jackson saw the picture of Jilly playing with the helicopter and decided they should definitely be friends.

Erick and Megan said...

Rosy has that cough too and those secret door songs get stuck in ur head for days!!

Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

(1) Oh my goodness, did you leave "pumpkin french toast" out of your text about your great day? Or I just missed it because that is definitely key in a great day. So impressed you slept in. You never do that!
(2) I am equally entertained and impressed by Jilly's drawing. It's really good!! And I'm dying over how big Bryan is. :)