friday five

one- As new Baltimoreans (I had to look up how to spell that) we are naturally Ravens fans.  It's also exciting to have Dennis Pitta is in our ward.  But, what really tipped us into purple territory was that every Monday after a Ravens win we get a 50% off pizza at Papa John's and free Big Macs.  So, yes, food is the clear path to our hearts.

two- I got a new mop this week (thanks to Lisa's recommendation) and am a tad embarrassed to admit just how exciting this development is.  And, more than a tad embarrassed to admit how many layers of sticky grime I finally got off our kitchen floor.

three- Jilly got some birthday money so I took her to Target.  I showed her lots of options but what she wanted the most was Christmas decorations.  She chose this penguin and some giant jingle bells.  I was quite proud.  

four- Speaking of Christmas, Bryan and I have made a compromise- I can listen to all the Christmas music I want if he can drink all the Egg Nog he wants.  It's working beautifully.

five- I believe that unicorn bath hair will never cease to be hilarious


kali said...

Unicorn bath hair = the best!!! Especially on that cute girl :)

Bmar said...

I'm a fan of food and I like Dennis Pita but Im not sure how I feel about being called a ravens fan.