Jillian was so so so so so so so excited for her birthday.  For the last week she asked me every night "when I wake up will it be my birthday yet?  So we were all pretty happy when it finally arrived.  On the night before her birthday Bryan said he was more excited than he had been for his own birthday.

On her birthday morning Jilly found balloons in her doorway, we had pancakes with sprinkles, and she opened a couple presents.  Then we did some shopping and playing at the mall and met Bryan for birthday donuts.  In the afternoon Jilly spent over an hour playing with her new princess play doh set (win!) then we went to Chick fil A for dinner (where else would we go?)  Later we skyped with Bryan's parents so she could open their presents.  It was a happy, fun day celebrating our big four year old.

Jillian's Four Year Old Birthday Interview-

favorite color- pink
favorite toy- balloons
favorite fruit- apples
favorite TV show- Doc McStuffins
favorite thing to eat for lunch- heart shaped sandwiches
favorite outfit- what I'm wearing now (her new ballet shirt and a pink skirt)
favorite game- Uno
favorite snack- grapes
favorite animal- zebra, giraffe, and panda bears
favorite song- "Let It Go"
favorite book- Elsa
best friend- Kate
favorite cereal- don't have one
favorite thing to do outside- swings and go down slide
favorite drink- oatmeal
favorite holiday- Christmas
what do you take to bed with you at night- "Tigie" (her baby tiger)
what do you like to eat for breakfast- pancakes
what do you want for dinner on your birthday- chicken nuggets and french fries
what do you want to be when you grow up- Cinderella


Janssen said...

I think she and Holland would be the best of friends.