a Party fit for a Princess

I really debated having a birthday party for Jilly this year.  I knew she'd love it (and I'd love planning it), but she's still young and I was not interested in hosting a party full of whining, crying girls.  So I made it simple- we only invited 5 girls, just planned some basic activities, and had it on a Saturday when Bryan and my mom could be there to help.  We had a few tears, but for the most part it went really well, and Jilly loved it.

Naturally Jilly wanted a Princess Party so all the girls come dressed up.  We painted their nails, read a princess book, and decorated wands (I hot glued foam crowns onto dowels and let the girls decorate with jewels and foam stickers- I didn't get many pictures but they were cute and so fun to make.)  Then the girls had a princess lunch of heart-shaped pb&h sandwiches, apples, and popcorn.  We played Pin the Nose on Olaf, Princess Says, and turned on music to let the girls dance and play Follow the Leader.  Jilly opened her presents and then we ate cake- a strawberry cake with white frosting and strawberries on top- her very specific request.

Jilly still talks nonstop about how she had her friends over for a party and has already requested a chocolate cake for her birthday party next year so definitely a success!

^ We got this cake plate for our wedding and it has been at my parents' house for 7.5 years because it would never have survived a trip out west.  So fun to finally get to use it!

^ suuuper blurry but how amazing is that Olaf Bryan drew free-hand?