Living all the way across the country from my family is pretty lame.  Not that I'm unhappy here, I just hate that they are so faaaaaaar away.  But one thing that has made the separation easier is Skype.

We skype with my family almost every Sunday.  It's so great to get to talk to everyone, and it almost feels like we're sitting at home in the family room all together.  Jilly gets so excited to see them and show off all her tricks; she especially loves to make funny faces with her Uncle Ty and Grandpa.

The best thing about skyping every week is that when we get to actually see my family Jilly never misses a beat.  She knows them already and is so excited to play with them, even after not being with them for a few months.  I'm so, so grateful that Jilly knows and loves her grandma, grandpa, aunties, and uncle in Virginia.

Last Sunday- Jilly was showing them her new Elmo movie


Suzie Soda said...

Skype is so great. I love to see little Carter crawling around. Except then I really miss him and want to kiss him and rock him.But it is an awesome thing and so great for me to see all my grandkids. xoxo