first day of school

Last week was the first day of school around here and we have a few friends with new kindergarteners so we were caught up in the excitement.  It made me think of all my first days of school- the new clothes and school supplies, the anticipation, and the nerves.  My most recent first days of school were as a teacher, and despite what it may seem, teachers are just as nervous as the kids on the first day!

I remember my very first day of teaching.  I was so nervous- I remember holding back tears as I tried to be friendly and smile at all these children sitting in front of me.  I had written out a script word for word to follow (that's what they tell new teachers to do) and as lame as it sounds, it was a major life saver.  I made it through that day and many subsequent others and was even brave enough to come back for another year.

On my second first day of school as a teacher I was once again feeling butterflies in my stomach.  I went to pick up my new class from the gym and saw Mary, one of my previous students.  She gave me a hug then said, "Mrs. Martinez, that's the same outfit you wore on the first day of school last year!!"  I had no clue that I was recycling an outfit, and couldn't believe that Mary remembered what I had worn a whole year previously!  It was a funny little moment that eased the tension of the day.

This is not my first day of school outfit, but it is one of the very few pictures I have of me as a teacher


The Daytons said...

So fun and so true. I'm so glad to be at home with my boys, but I do miss those days of teaching and also going to school to be a teacher:) so fun!