new phone

As I mentioned last week, my phone broke while we were in Utah.  For a week I shared with Bryan which was fine because we were always together.  But then we came home and he went back to work. And I needed a phone.  Immediately.

I decided to take the plunge and join the rest of the world and get an iPhone.  I never stopped smiling as we entered the store, purchased the phone, and left for home.  That night Bryan and I sat on the couch playing with and figuring out our new phones (he got a new smartphone as well) and after an hour I burst out, "Bryan we can't become those people!"  "What people?" he said.  "The people who don't talk anymore and only sit playing on their phones!"  He laughed and promised he wouldn't let us become "those people."

While I am determined to not let my phone consume my life, I am loving my new toy.  It's so handy and so fun.  Jilly also loves the iPhone.  I showed her one day how it takes pictures and now repeatedly during the day she'll grab my phone and say, "cheese!"  Which has led to lots of pictures like these-

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Janssen said...

I agree that an iPhone is just FUN!