Forget Spring Cleaning...

I've been all about Spring Projects this year.

I've been wanting to make a book wreath forever and finally got to it.  It's a great addition to our entryway.
I decided that Jilly needed some seersucker in her wardrobe this summer.  This skirt was so, so easy- I did it in one night (that's definitely a first for one of my sewing projects.)  I liked it so much, I made a matching one for my cute niece Kirra.

Bryan's parents were getting rid of this shelf and we said we'd take it.  I stained it then painted these frames to go with it in Jilly's bathroom.
These onesies are for a friend's baby that arrived on Sunday morning!
 After the skirt success I decided to try a dress.  This pattern was awesome, and even though I made lots of mistakes it turned out okay and looks cute on her.  I felt like Maria Von Trapp, except this dress is not from old curtains but clearance fabric
 Last, but not least, we finally have a mirror for over our fireplace!  I hated that empty space on our wall so much, but it took a while to decide what we wanted and then to find a great deal ($20 on craigslist, we were thrilled.)  I stained it a million times, and I'm still not sure if I want it to be darker, but it's hanging for now and has been a huge improvement to the room.

What projects have you been doing?