friday five

1. Jilly goes to nursery for the first time this Sunday!  Her friend who is a year older told us she would "hold Jilly's hand if she's sad and make sure she doesn't eat playdough."  I feel much better knowing that Rosy will be looking out for Jillian.

2.  I have about a million projects that are half-finished right now and I'm going crazy!  I just need to sit down and finish something so I can at least feel some sense of accomplishment.

3. Jillian had her 18 month checkup this week.  She's still in the 17% for weight but now is in the 75% for height.  Those Martinez genes finally kicked in!

4. Right now I'm reading/listening to 4 books- 11/22/63 in book form, Jane Eyre on my kindle, Graceling on my ipod when I go running, and Small as an Elephant in my car.  I love that they're all so different-  historical fiction, classic, fantasy, and realistic fiction.

5. For the past few years we've picked a show to watch on netflix during the summer (because summer tv is lame.)  In 2010 it was Lost, 2011 was Prison Break, and this year's is . . . 24!  I've seen random episodes, but I'm excited to watch the whole thing.


Janssen said...

I LOVE 24. I hope you guys like it too!

We're currently watching Lie to Me and really liking it.

Christina (Cha) said...

Oh... we LOVE 24 so much!! We need something new too and we need to hang out soon.

Shauna said...

I hope Jilly is good about going to Nursery for you. It took Corbyn a few months, but now he loves it!