best friends

As the oldest daughter I was able to be close with my mom because I could help with the younger kids (though I'm realizing now that I hardly did a thing.)  I can remember helping her decorate the house, plan for my siblings' birthday parties, and make food for different events.  Because I was the first of her children to grow up we've been able to have an adult friendship before any of the rest of my siblings.  She is one of my very best friends.

Because of this, I just assume that my daughter and I will be best friends.  It makes meeting her in the next few weeks even more exciting and nerve-wracking.  I hope she likes me enough to consider me a best friend.  I'm sure it will be easy at first as she will depend on me for everything, but I hope as she becomes more independent that we can have a close relationship.  I hope that she will always know how much I love her.

(Sorry if you're sick of baby, but it's only going to get worse folks!)


Suzie Soda said...

Very sweet. I know your mom will love to read this.
Daughters are best friends.....and friends of daughetrs are best friends too. You are my good friend and I still have the picture of you, Lindsay and Kelsy on my fridge in your red shirts. I am enjoying getting to know Leslie.
She is a cute and sweet girl. xoxo

ps. Rach.....post pictures of the nursery :)

Shauntel said...

Don't ever apologize for too much baby. Most of us love too much baby. :)

I'm the oldest daughter too. (With only three sisters.) And my mom's my best friend too. I always hope and pray that Belle will love me the way I love my mom. And you will absolutely love how your baby suddenly becomes your best friend. It's perfectly lovely.

I'm so excited for you. Good luck with these last few weeks/days! Days! Woo hoo!

Lisa Michelle said...

Of course she will love you! C'mon, Rach! This is you we're talking about!