Circle of Life

A couple days ago I  found these pictures that I had scanned for our wedding video.  We loved making fun of my parents' awesome 80s clothes and hairdos.  But now these pictures have a lot more meaning to me.  I have a little better appreciation for how my parents were feeling then, and I'm sure to develop a greater understanding in the next month.  Did they feel as terrified as I feel right now?  Were they as excited as I am?  Did they have any idea of what was to come?  Do I have any idea of what is to come?   

My mom's expression looks exactly the way I feel- full of wonder and excitement- and I haven't even gotten to see or hold our baby yet!

 When I look at these pictures I can't help but think, "Who let those kids have a baby?"  I wonder if in 25 years our daughter will look back and think the same thing.  I hope that she will make fun of our 2010 wardrobe and hairdos, and I hope that someday she will be able to say like I can that despite their youth and inexperience she had the very best parents.  


Judi said...

Oh rach! I am totally living through you right now. I am remembering all of the wonderful feelings you are experiencing. When you look in your babies eyes for the first time it brings you so close to Heaven. It is amazing. Oh I am excited for you! (as you can probably guess since every comment I make is like "newborns are amazing, it is so special..blah blah blah")

Lisa Michelle said...

Makes me teary eyes! :)

Lisa Michelle said...

Pretend I wrote my comment corretly the first time, please. Teary-EyeD. Sorry, friend. love your blog posts. :)

Emily said...

What a cute post! I have similar thoughts as well- will my kids make fun of our fashion? I look like I'm in high school and am often mistake as such- I can't be a Mom!!!

You will be such a great Mom and this little one is so lucky to be a Martinez! Have you two settled on a name yet?