"Researchers have found that a woman's brain-cell volume actually decreases during pregnancy.  And- for reasons unknown- women pregnant with girls are more forgetful, on average, than those carrying boys."  What to Expect When You're Expecting (aka The Pregnancy Bible)

I thought I had gotten off pretty easy on this one.  Given my lack of brain-cell volume I have been able to function quite well for the past 8 months.  Until this afternoon.  I left to get a haircut and I set my book (remember this one) on top of the car while I was putting other stuff in the car.  I drove off and when I got to the salon I couldn't find my book.  That's when I remembered that I had not remembered to take it off the car before I left.  On my way home I watched the other side of the road to see if I could find my book.  Sure enough, there it was in the middle of a busy intersection.  I watched sadly as it was trampled by ignorant car after car.  Of course it is a hardback and borrowed from my parents (at least they are nicer than the library.)  Luckily I jumped on amazon when I got home and a replacement is on its way, but what am I going to read until then?!?!


Shauntel said...

Here's the bad news: when you give birth to your Little Miss, you may likely give birth to your brain too. I seriously felt like I was missing half my brain for like six months. (Probably something to do with lack of sleep.)

The good news: you couldn't care less in those first months. Baby lovin' bliss does that to you, and it's seriously the best. :)

Welcome to Motherhood. :)

Lisa Michelle said...

can't wait to see your haircut!