Auburn Adventure

Bryan and I headed east to the town of Auburn on Saturday.  As we drove in we noticed a sign that said "Auburn, Established 1848."  Considering I grew up in a city that was established in 1737 I wasn't overly impressed.  But Auburn was able to impress me by the end of the day.

While Bryan did this:

I read my book (I'm on page 153 of 561 and really hoping to finish before baby arrives)

Then we walked down by the river.  I was delighted to see some men panning for gold, who knew people still did that?  Next time we're bringing some gear so we can find our own bling!  Crazy got in the FREEZING cold water and I just dipped my toes in.

 Then we walked across the tallest bridge in California.  This is the bridge from far away (the picture really doesn't do it justice)  and then a cool picture Bryan took from underneath the bridge (I wasn't brave enough to climb down the hill to go under the bridge.)

We ate at "Local Heroes" which had delicious burgers, fries, and shakes and not-so-delicious chicken strips (oh well, you can't win everything.)  

It was a delightful day and made me feel a little overwhelmed that our excursions are going to become a lot more complicated in the next month, but also excited that we'll have a cute little girl to share them with!  


Shauna aka Big Chief Rain Dance Phillips said...

More complicated, yes! But you'll also feel much better when she's not inside you anymore! I hope you're hanging in there... The last month is the longest and hardest, but at least there is a cute baby at the end of it! Love you!