A Mormon and a Jehovah's Witness sitting at a bar

Sounds like a dumb joke, but this is the situation Bryan found himself in in Las Vegas.  Turns out most of the people there were totally into drinking/gambling all night after training was over.  One day Bryan found someone who said he wasn't into the whole party scene either so they decided to get dinner together.  They went to Planet Hollywood and the only seats that were available were at the bar so they went with it.  As they started talking, they quickly discovered their different religious beliefs.

Bryan said the JW was very devout in his faith and knew the Bible like the back of his hand.  He was pretty critical of our church, but also willing to listen to Bryan's answers and explanations.  Bryan was able to bear his testimony of the gospel, and in the end that's what counts the most.

When Bryan left for Sin City he never thought he'd have the chance to sit at a bar and talk about his faith.  But, these opportunities come up all the time, even when we least expect it.  I'm grateful Bry was prepared to share his beliefs.


Anna P. said...

Hip hip hooray for the small moments that ALWAYS show up when we least expect them. You have a great husband Rachel!