Weekend Update

We had a delightful Memorial Day weekend this year.  Bryan's brother Trevor and his wife Kristen came down to hang out with us.

We celebrated Kristen's 23rd Birthday

We roasted hot dogs up in the canyon 
(Bry was too hungry to stop chewing for a picture)

We went on a walk through Sundance
(as usual the random guy we asked to take our picture cut off Bryan's head)

Trevor took care of Kristen when she started misbehaving.

Hopefully we'll get to see them again soon!  I love having another girl in the family :)

And now, I think it is most ironic that just a few days after I 'retired' from a job that surrounded me with germy kids all day long I get sick.  At least I can just lay on the couch reading/watching tv/sleeping without worrying about sub plans.  And, hopefully I'll feel well enough to finish all this darn laundry tomorrow.  


Lisa Michelle said...

Rach!! Your hair is getting so long! Thanks for posting pictures. :)