I should be freaking out right now

For the past 3 years our lives have been fairly stable.  We've lived in the same apartment (and oh how ready we are to leave this small space) and been in the same ward.  We've had some friends come and go, but for the most part we've been friends with the same people for the past few years.  Bryan has stayed busy with school and various jobs and internships.  Except for one stressful month when I had to find a new teaching position, I've had a stable job that I loved and was so great for us.  We haven't had any extreme emergencies.  If you ask me, they've been a perfect 3 years!

And now all of a sudden everything is changing.  In November we're adding a third to our little family and we're increasingly aware of the changes this will bring.  I am no longer working which means no more monthly check to boost our bank account.  Bryan is about to finish up his last 2 classes and his Master's project which means that we will no longer be affiliated with BYU (one or both of us has been going to school here since 2001.)  We're on to bigger and better, but unfortunately at the moment that bigger and better is completely unknown.

The greatest blessing in my life right now is the peace that I feel.   I have complete confidence that Bryan will find a great job (if you ask me, any company would be very lucky to have him!) and we'll move on to a great place and make some great new friends.   Every once in a while I think, "Why am I not completely panicking right now?"  But, luckily the panic doesn't come.  Somehow I am able to know that everything will work out.  I love this talk by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin and have the quote "Come what may and love it" on my fridge.  Hopefully we can keep doing that because I'm sure there are many wild adventures ahead for the Martinez family.


Janssen said...

Can't wait to see what life brings for you guys - it'll be great!