Oh Baby, Baby

{I think it is appropriate that I'm watching a Justin Bieber concert on the Today Show this morning while composing this post}

Yesterday I went to see my cousin Stephani and her cute cute cute new baby Abilynn.  In my opinion, there is no better feeling in the world than holding a newborn in your arms.  Pure bliss.  I realized as I gave Abilynn back to her mom that in 5 months I get one of my very own- I can hold him/her whenever I want and never have to give him/her back (even though sometimes I might want to!)  I can't even begin to describe how excited I am.

Speaking of him/her, that's a big debate around here.  From the beginning Bryan has exclusively called the baby "he."  He even went so far as to introduce us at church as "his wife and his son."  I just went along with it all the while, knowing either A- we'll have a boy and he'll be super excited and think that his "positive thinking" contributed to our baby being a boy or B- we'll have a girl and he'll be super excited and realize what a pure joy girls are (and they smell much better!)  So, no matter what it is a winning situation.

My sister was best at summing up my opinion on the him/her debate (that's what sisters are for.)  She said that if I could be assured that I will eventually get a girl, it wouldn't matter to me at all if this is a boy or girl.  So true.  If I (like my Mother in Law) never get a girl we'll have a big problem on our hands.  My life would not be complete without a daughter to dress up and play with.  So, my life would be a little easier if I could rest assured knowing that I already had my girl.  But, at the same time I would be thrilled to start out with a little boy- I can't imagine anything more fun than watching Bryan and our son head out on many crazy adventures together.

Since I will be in Virginia during our baby's 20 week birthday we do not get to go in for our ultrasound until 22 weeks.  Lame.  Ever since I found this out I've been debating going to one of those crazy Utah gender check places.  It would be so fun to know what we're having when we're home with my family.  But, I'm nervous that they will get it wrong, and the only thing worse than not knowing if you're having a boy or girl is thinking you're having a girl then learning it's really a boy (or vice versa.)  And, I'm kind of opposed to paying $50 for something my insurance will pay for in just a couple weeks.  But, it is very likely that we'll give in and go find out the gender of our baby in the next week.  Wish us luck!


Shauntel said...

So we didn't find out what we were having. I did this mostly because I desperately wanted a girl, and I was afraid if an ultrasound said boy I'd be a little let down for the remaining months. However, I knew that if a boy came out, I'd love it like crazy anyway. The love is pretty instant, no matter the gender.

As it turns out, fate was on my side, and like you, I'm content with my girl and will be happy if only boys come next. (Although a few more girls wouldn't kill me.) :)

P.S. Tell Bryan that Jess referred to our little girl as a boy the whole time and didn't even want to discuss girl names he was so sure it was a boy. :)
P.P.S. I think it's a girl. :)

Jana said...

Good luck!!! I think Joe was relieved when we found out we were having a girl for the very reason that we probably wouldn't have stopped until we had one. :)

Janssen said...

When our first ultrasound (paid for by insurance) was inconclusive, we finally broke down and went and got one of those $50 ones.

I'm still a little nervous though that it will turn out to be a boy! I have NOTHING for a boy!