This is probably picture overload, but it was too hard to choose.  Highlights from our trip:

Tyler's First Swim Meet (he got first place in both of his heats!)

Two lovely days at the beach:

Baby Shower- little Miss Martinez is going to be a very cute girl thanks to so many kind friends!

Tyler's Baptism

A hike with my two favorite boys

And, finally, evidence that there is in fact a baby in there:

P.S.  For any of you that were worried (like I was) about the reliability of our mall ultrasound, we went to the "real" doctor today and she confirmed that we are indeed having a girl, what a relief!


Janssen said...

We've had three ultrasounds (and a fourth in about an hour!) and I'm STILL worried they'll tell me it's actually a boy. Of course, only in one of those ultrasounds could they actually verify it was a girl - the other two she was too uncooperative :)

JP and Steph said...

I LOVE the baby bump! Makes me miss mine. oh wait, I still have one,ugh!!
It sounds like you had a ton of fun with your family. I can't believe your brother is eight. I am old!

Kali and JT said...

cute belly!!! I love it, you are too adorable. I am just SO happy and excited for you!