Last Week of School

On Monday I was talking to my dad on the phone.  He said, "Rach, only one week of school left, that's exciting."  I grouchily replied, "I hate the last week of school." 

Why you ask?
It's a week full of so many emotions, it's completely exhausting and so so so so busy.  The kids are completely wild and I am struggling to come up with enough things for them to do.  I have a checklist about a million miles long and of course they want me to turn in my computer tomorrow morning.  How am I supposed to do everything without a computer?  My room is in complete disarray and somehow has to be clean by Friday.  I have to pack up 3 years of stuff and figure out where to keep it (that's if Bryan lets me keep it at all, he thinks we should have a big bonfire, which is very tempting.)  I'm scared that I didn't teach my kids enough, nervous for how they did on end-of-year testing.  I'm sad to see them go and hopeful that they will have good lives.  I'm sad to leave the wonderful friends I've made.

But it will all be over in 40 hours.  And then I will be able to focus on how happy I am to be done, and how excited I am for a fun, relaxing summer and then many years of being mommy.  My life is too great to complain.


Tiffany Strong said...

I am 100% with you!! And not to mention, it snowed on Monday and recess was a NO GO! I love you, and think you deserve to burn anything you want.

Janssen said...

I wish we were having the last day of school this week! Still three more weeks to go. . .