The Great Debate

I'm a Macintosh girl.  Have been ever since the 8th grade.  My school district bought iBooks for every student and that's what I used for 5 years.  When I looked at laptops for college getting anything but a Mac wasn't even an option for me.  I got a PowerBook and depended on it greatly for many school assignments and for facebook (you decide which was more important.)  When I started teaching dear old Provo School District provided me with a MacBook which I've had for 3 years. 

And now I'm facing a major turning point in my life.  My school laptop has to be turned in May 27th as I will no longer be an employee of PSD.  Bryan and I have known this day was coming for a while and we've discussed it at length.  Now it's decision time and I'm so torn.  Bryan is pushing for a PC.  His biggest argument (and the one thing that might tip me over to the dark side) is cost.  They're so much cheaper!  But, he hasn't been dedicated to Macintosh for the past 11 years like I have.  I just can't give up on my company like that!  I have LOVED all my computers, and I love that I feel comfortable with so many of the programs.

So, whose side are you on?  Can you convince me to turn against my roots?  Are you a dedicated Mac fan like me?  Please give me advice.


Tiffany Strong said...

Will and I just got a MAC becuase we had TAX return money. I got a discount at the mac store because I just showed a pay stub from Provo District. Stick with MAC, they have a longer desk life, better services, and they are less likely to get viruses. The money will be well spent on a computer that you can do more with and you understand more.

Lindsay Marie said...

Hi Rach! How are you?! I can't leave your blog with out throwing my two cents in. *Warning*, I am about to show you how passionate I am for all things apple:

Don't do it!

Maybe you can find a refurbished mac on the apple website. Or do you really need a laptop? You could get a mac mini for around what you could by a PC for.

Think of the cost over 3-4 years and how much happier you would be with an apple computer. Seriously, wouldn't you rather wait and save up than buy a PC?

ps-Don't hate me Bryan.

pps- ok ok, I might choose to have any computer over no computer... but I still feel strongly that apple is superior.

Maddy said...

Once you go Mac, you can't go back!! I have a PC laptop for work and a Mac for my personal, and Mac is just better all around. Viruses, weird glitches, longevity... Macs just win. :)

And congrats on the baby!!

Jessy Carlisle said...

Rachel, I am going to say this statement, and it speaks for itself:

I work for HP, but I still own a Mac.

Does that convince you to stay to your roots? Worth every penny, way better than a PC (am I allowed to say that working for a PC company?) I said it, and I mean it.

Bmar said...

All of you are clouding my wife's head. Shame...Shame!!!

I am honestly a neutral user when it comes to PC vs Mac. There are pros and cons to both. My only problem is that people compare 600$ PC laptops to 2,000$ macs. You get what you pay for. Lets compare apples to "Apples." Then all it really comes down to is preference.

Bmar said...

Yeah, I guess I do read your blog every once in a while. :)

Heather Payne said...

Hurry and buy a Mac before you quit teaching. My sis-in-law negotiated almost 40% off since she was a teacher. You could actually have a little business buying them for other people and sharing the discount. Ha, ha. Good luck.

Suzie Soda said...

Go for the MAC. We have both. Apple rocks in everyway...especially tech support. You may have to use it for awhile so get what you really want. xoxo

Shauntel said...

I heart Macs. Sadly, I've only used them when a job has provided one for me.

Let's just say that I've been through three PCs in three years. And I'm really not hard on my computers (unless you call habitual blog stalking really rigorous) - they're just simply not as reliable and always riddled with bugs and viruses no matter the protection you install.

Or they could just stop powering up altogether, which is AWESOME.

Don't break up with your Mac! Don't do it! :)

Lisa Michelle said...

You know I'm 100% a PC Girl, but I realize not everyone spends all their time making budgets and spreadsheets and running tax software. Considering you're going to be spending a lot of your time documenting the cutest baby soon, and I agree Macs are a lot better for photos and videos, I would consider a Mac.

Janssen said...

I totally drank the Apple koolaid back at BYU and have loved my iBook, but frankly, I don't think we'll buy another Mac because the cost is just SO SO high. I feel like a PC is faster, the software is better, and I get a faster, better machine for a fraction of the price. I use our PC desktop 10x as much as my iBook these days.

Jenna said...

MAC all the way! I have had my own MacBook since our student teaching days and have loved it! My parents have probably had 3 different computers (ALL PCs) in the same amount of time. PCs just don't compare to MACS!