Lately Bryan has become an exercise fanatic.  All Winter Semester he woke up at 6am every day to either play basketball with our ward or go to the gym.  This Spring he kept up with the basketball and going to the gym, and also joined an ultimate frisbee and a soccer team.  Plus, he goes mountain biking as much as possible.  Basically, I haven't been able to keep up with him. 

But, unfortunately my superman has been slowed down for a bit.  He separated his shoulder playing basketball the other day and all athletics have come to a standstill for a couple weeks.  I feel bad for him because he loved it all so much, but I will be grateful to not have that dumb alarm go off at 5:47 every morning.

PS-  Unfortunately Bryan just informed me that the alarm will still go off at 5:47 tomorrow, he plans on going running.  I guess it was too much to ask for...


Kirsten Sue said...

he sounds like Zane. No matter what he finds a way to exercise.