I wikipedia'd dunk tank and received some of the information I needed. See below:


Depending on the type of event the dunk tank is being used for, the people being dunked may opt for various different clothing options. People will often volunteer to get dunked fully clothed for a humorous effect. For example, school teachers, a boss at a company picnic, or local "celebrities" may choose to wear street clothes in the dunking booth for the added humor. Some even go as far to wear a suit and tie, or funny costumes in a dunk tank. Also, a group may choose to wear a special uniform while on the dunk tank. For example, youth group may wear a group T-Shirt, or a Scouting group may choose to be dunked wearing their Scout uniforms.

If people know beforehand that they will be getting dunked, they often choose to wear a swimsuit or wetsuit while on the dunk tank. On the other hand, if a person volunteers to get dunked without having brought a swimsuit, he or she may simply wear his or her street clothes, removing only shoes and socks.

While some dunk tank rental agencies recommend that footwear is worn when being dunked, most choose to simply go barefoot.

So many options... I didn't know that dunk tanking was such an art.


Amy said...

that is too funny- sad that someone actually put that much time and thought into explaining the dunk tank attire. haha

Ashley said...

Hahahahaha. This is why I love Wikipedia.

Lisa Michelle said...

So what's the story?! Was it cold!?