I am a REALLY nice person

I know many of you may disagree with my self-assessment, but read on my friend, read on.

A few weeks ago I "volunteered" to be in the Dunk Tank at the Canyon Crest Carnival tomorrow night. And, I mean volunteered in the sense that the PTA president cornered me and provided the line that my ego couldn't pass up, "All the cool teachers are doing it." Because of this, I am mentally and physically preparing for what could possibly be the most miserable night of my life. I'm still thinking about following my wise mother's advice, "You gotta get sick before Friday night Rach." What sickness is there that has no symptoms, is over in 30 minutes, and comes on at 15 minutes notice? If you know of one, please let me know. I am desperate.

While you're working on that, please pray for me. Pray that it is a super warm night. Pray that my students have terrible aim. Actually, pray that my sweet kids have compassion on their poor teacher and decide that I am too nice to dunk. Pray that the water is hot and filled with delightful smelling bubbles. Pray that the dunking mechanism breaks. Pray that there's a huge thunderstorm (I'd even take a snowstorm!) tomorrow night which makes the carnival activities impossible. Pray that I don't drown.

One more question- What do you wear when you're in a dunk tank????


Amy said...

oh my, good luck! You are so funny- your kids will think you're the coolest!

kali said...

Yay! I don't mean to enjoy your pain, but you gotta take a picture! It'll be a great memory at least!

Kali and JT said...

What!!! Come on that is going to be the funnest thing ever... its like a ride at an amusement park where there is so much suspense! I think you will end up liking it, and if not I am positive you will be the coolest teacher ever.