Dessert on a Dime

Because of our somewhat out of control draining of our finances this summer, Bryan and I went on a fast from spending money this week. It went pretty well until last night. I was craving ice cream big time and there wasn't any in the house. So Bryan came up with an excellent solution- we could go if I could find enough change to pay for it. I took on the challenge and with remarkable speed found $3.20 worth of dimes. We made our way over to paradise aka Dairy Queen to spend our dimes. Bryan gets the old school vanilla dipped in chocolate, but he is absolutely wasting his $1.59. I have found complete and pure joy this summer in chocolate ice cream cones dipped in chocolate. If you haven't had one lately, please search your house for 16 dimes (32 if you're taking a lucky person with you) and do yourself a favor!



Lisa Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, I love you, Rach! You two are too cute. I'm so relieved you got your ice cream!

bunkbuddies said...

That's good to know! Thank you for the information! I finished The Boy Who Dared; it was very good. I'm on the waiting list for The Book Thief.