A- Attached or Single? Very Attached
B- Best Friend? Bryan :)
C- Cake or Pie? my mom's delicious chocolate chip cake
D- Day of choice? lately it has been Sunday because it is so relaxing. But, I will always love Thursdays.
E- Essential item? my camera- I always carry it with me!
F- Favorite color? definitely pink
G- Gummy bears or worms?- Worms
H- Hometown?- Richmond, Virginia
I- Favorite Indulgence?- cake batter ice cream with brownies and raspberries from Coldstone- yum
J- January or July?- July because it is always spent with family
K- Kids?- definitely in the future
L- Life isn't complete without? My wonderful family and the gospel
M- Marriage date? July 6th, 2007
N- Number of brothers and sisters? 4 sisters, 1 brother, 3 brothers in law, and 1 sister in law
O- Oranges or Apples- apples
P- Phobia and fears? Spiders. And, lobsters. When I was really little my parents were watching Hook and I sneaked out of bed and watched it from the hall even though I wasn't supposed to (I'm so rebellious.) I saw the part where they put the man in the chest full of lobsters and have had nightmares about that ever since. I don't even like seeing the lobsters at grocery stores.
Q- Quote? "Things will work out. Keep trying. Be believing. Be happy. Don't get discouraged. Things will work out." President Hinckley R- Reasons to smile?- clean laundry, ice cream, free food, finishing a good book, having summers off, a cute card in the mail, flowers, fleece blankets, painted toenails, kool-aid
S- Season of choice- Toughie. I love Spring because of all the flowers, but I think I love Fall even more because of all the colors
T- Tag 3 people: Lisa (haha, I'm forcing you to post!), Lindsay, and Amy
U- Unknown fact about me- I love watching Law and Order. It's sometimes hard to watch because it's so violent, but I get so into it. Sometimes I wonder if I hadn't been a teacher if I would have been a detective.
V- Vegetable? asparagus
W- Worst Habit?- So many to choose from... I talk really fast. Whenever I give a talk or lesson in church, I write go slow all over my notes.
X- Ray or Ultrasound?- I've never had either so I'm going to go with ultrasound because eventually I'll have one, and I could live happily the rest of my life without an xray
Y- Your favorite food?- ICE CREAM!!
Z- Zodiac sign?- Capricorn


Amy said...

I didn't know about your hate for Lobsters.... I'll be sure to never send any your way. Once, in highschool, a kid asked me to a dance with a live lobster on the porch- kind of weird.

You tagged me, so now I guess I shall play along.

Steph Dill said...

I love Law and Order too! I watch it all the time. The theme song use to be my ring tone but then I got a new phone.