America the Beautiful

Bryan had Thursday off for Pioneer Day, so he took Friday off as well and we got to go on another trip! We went down to Moab, which was kind of a random decision- it was close enough that paying for gas wouldn't be a nightmare, but far enough that we would be getting away. I'll be honest- I wasn't really expecting much. I knew it would be super hot, and we would hike a lot and neither of those things really thrilled me.

I was blown away.

Arches National Park is beautiful. The red rocks were incredible and at sunset they would reflect the light, which was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. The arches were so cool. I would post pictures, but my camera cord is in Virginia, oops! I was constantly in awe of this beautiful world that we live in. And it made me realize how much I take it for granted. We met people from France (and saw the men's hairy legs that were shown off through their super short swimsuits...gross,) Holland, Germany, and Australia (she asked us if that was a deer because she had never seen one before!) There were a few buses full of Asians, and people from England staying at our hotel. I was fascinated that all these people had traveled so far to see something that I could see by driving 3 hours down the road. I've been in Utah for 4 years now, and visited tons of times before that, and never gone down. I'm now realizing how lucky I am to have a few years in this wonderful area. I'm determined to appreciate it more in the time I have left here in Utah. America really is beautiful and I'm so grateful to Heavenly Father for this amazing earth He has given us to enjoy.



Judi said...

Fun! I want to go on a weekend getaway! I am so jealous. Sounded really fun. I bet you are about to start school again, right? Good luck!