fabulous Florida

Here's the update on the second part of our adventure. We had a blast in Florida with Jeff and Amy- they are soooo nice to us and took such good care of us.

We had many exciting beach adventures. One day we saw a HUGE thunderstorm and couldn't stay on the beach, one day we got to play in the wonderful clear and warm water, and one day we watched the fourth of july fireworks from the beach! Very fun.

We went canoeing with alligators! I was shaking the whole time, and really we saw lots of gators, I saw 3 that were swimming in the same water I was in. Bryan and Jeff saw a lot more because they canoed on a much longer part. I was (justifiably) a baby during this experience, it was so scary!!!

We ate some of the most delicious food- Mellow Mushroom (my new all-time favorite pizza,) BJ's (I fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams to eat a pizookie! We also ate dinner, but that was of lesser importance,) Rand (Amy's brother in law who is a professional chef) made us the most incredible ribs- yum, Amy taught me the greatest new crockpot recipe that I am in love with, and Jeff made us some delicious yummy meatballs. Sorry, I don't have pictures of any of the food because I ate it before I could get my camera out!

The boys had a few biking adventures while Amy and I stayed home and enjoyed relaxing and talking and being girls! And, of course, one of our very favorite parts was laughing at crazy Ziggie!

Thanks Amy and Jeff, we can't wait to plan our next trip to see you!! love you


Suzie Soda said...

Post the recipes. suz