Beach Recap

The beach was fabulous. My only complaint was too short! Some highlights:
lots of cute cute kids (evidence in pictures.) crabs. bryan spending whole day in waves then going to bed at 9:00 exhausted. painting toenails with the girls. bethany's 11th birthday. plenty of sunshine. kayak adventures (bryan and i tipped!) building our puppy luna in the sand. reading. bryan getting a terrible sunburn :( me making the most incredible catch for a touchdown. family pictures on the beach. all the poptarts you could ever want. lots of laughing at my crazy family!


Amy said...

cute pictures- looks like lots of fun! Love the sand sculpture!

Suzie Soda said...

What a cute post...you look like you had a blast. I hope I get to see you on Sunday. How are things going?

a&t Sorensen said...

rachel.. its ashley!! steph told me you had a blog and i was sooo excited!! looks like you are having fun:) we need to get together i miss you. love you lots!