Virginia is for Lovers

I'm back from my fabulous trip! Babysitting went pretty well, but I'm glad motherhood doesn't involve 2 kids plus various extra children plus a dog plus 5 people to feed all at once! I picked Bethany up late from swim team practice...twice, then we didn't go to the swim meet because it looked like there was going to be a huge thunderstorm (and there was, I would have driven 30 minutes away just to sit in my car for an hour then have the meet postponed- I'm a genius), then I forgot about practice the next day so she didn't go, then on the last day I drove her to the pool and practice was cancelled (we probably would have known it was cancelled had we appropriately attended other swim team activities.) Hopefully the word doesn't get around that I'm a swim team loser in case my kids want to be on a swim team. Despite my swim team failure, most of our other activities were quite successful- we went to the pool a lot, visited the library (my favorite very quiet hour of the whole week), took Luna on walks, saw Wall E, and went to the Children's Museum.

When Mom and the girls came home from camp, we had a lot of fun all together. We ate the most incredible meal ever at Maggianos, enjoyed our favorite family tradition of watching High School Musical together, I ate at Ukrops with my favorite Linds, went on a little trip to Baltimore to visit cousins, shopping (H&M was having a sale and I was in heaven,) Tyler dominated me at Wii bowling, and we watched Stardust together (Ty loved it and spent the whole next day re-enacting his favorite part) and laughed A LOT.

I have mixed feelings toward being back. It's wonderful to be back with Bry and nice to be in my own home with my own space, and fun to see friends. School starts exactly 1 month from today, so it's back to real life. Today I had a rude awakening when I stopped by my school for a minute. I got my class list for next year- 17 boys and 11 girls. Last year I had 9 boys and 12 girls, so I'm in for an adventure! Plus, I'm getting new carpet in my room so I had to drag all the desks, bookcases, chairs, tables, etc. out into the hall. It was exhausting! Welcome back Mrs. Martinez.


Lisa Michelle said...

So fun, Rach!!! You are a super-mom in the making!!! :)

Suzie Soda said...

It was fun to see you. I can't believe you are a full-fleged school teacher. I had a flashback to the teenage years when you and Linds and I saw Ryan at church and you girls were laughing your heads off. Those were some fun days. You and Lindsay both got nice guys and turned out to be such nice young ladies. I think you will both make super-mom's minus the dog.
Good luck with school this year.The world needs good teachers....thanks for making a contribution. I can hear it now ...."Mrs. Martinezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, I forgot my homework" :)

a&t Sorensen said...

sounds like it was such a fun trip!! i can't believe school starts so soon!!