Day in the Life: March 2016

I've done a "Day in the Life" post every March for the past four years and it almost didn't happen this year (and obviously didn't get posted til April.)  But, this is a Wednesday at the end of March when I thankfully took good notes because here I am weeks later typing it up.

7:40am- I wake up to Jilly tickling my face (not my favorite way to wake up.)  Bryan has already left for work, and I can hear Mattie talking in her room.  We go down to eat breakfast and watch a bit of the news.  Jilly works on an art project and Mattie tries on her sunnies.

8:30am- We cuddle on couch and watch an episode of Curious George together.

9am- I let the girls watch while Daniel Tiger while I shower and get ready, then the girls come upstairs to get dressed.

10am- Off to Ikea (we go in for 2 things and come out with 6) then to Costco where we shop then eat pizza for lunch.

12:30pm- I drop Jilly off at school, talk to her teacher for a bit, and decide to stop by the library on the way home to pick up a few holds.  There's construction on the freeway and the traffic turns it into a long, frustrating drive during which I eventually give up on the library.

1:20pm- I get home and Mattie is asleep in the backseat.  I put away the Costco stuff, do the breakfast dishes, and sit down to read for a bit.

2:20pm- Mattie wakes up just as a friend drops off her kids for me to watch for a while.

2:40pm-  I load everyone up in the car and pick up Jillian.  When we get home all the kids play together in the playroom.

3:45pm- My friend picks up her kids, I talk to my sister while the girls play in the backyard until...

4:20pm- Tragedy strikes when Jilly cuts her knee.  It bleeds quite a bit and I call Bryan for advice because I'm the biggest baby ever when it comes to blood.   I get up the courage to take a peek at the cut and it's not nearly as big as I thought; I get Jilly settled with a bandaid.

5:04 Bryan arrives home as I'm making sweet potato fries to have with dinner.  He checks out the injury.

5:40 - We eat dinner- a rotisserie chicken from Costco which is the girls' very favorite meal.

6:10 - A game of Old Maid (I lose) then Bryan starts the dishes while I clean up the playroom with the girls.

6:50 - Bryan leaves for a youth activity at church.  I put the girls in the bath and learn how to make bunny napkins thanks to youtube.

7:20 - Girls have pajamas on (or not pajamas in Mattie's case) and hair brushed, we read books and I learn that Jilly has Pinkalicious memorized.

7:50 - Say my last goodnight to girls, come down to finish cleaning the kitchen, make more bunny napkins, iron a few shirts, organize some papers, and watch tv.  Bryan comes home at 9 and we go to bed somewhere around 10:30.

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Shannon Boyd said...

I love reading other moms' day in the life posts! I'm not sure if it's because I'm nosy or because I take comfort in the fact that my days are like someone else's. Also, I really want some Costco pizza now!

Monica Packer said...

I LOVE day in the life posts! And I'm so impressed you only left with six things from Ikea. That and Costco are the two stores I could easily blow our savings.