A New Baby!

We are so excited and grateful for a new baby to join our family in October!  

I have been much, much sicker than I ever was when pregnant before and my waistline is disappearing at an alarming rate so Baby #3 is already giving me a run for my money but he/she is nonetheless very loved and looked forward to.  It has been so fun to see how excited the girls are.  Mattie asks me every morning if the baby is still in my tummy and I assure her that A. yes it is and B. she will definitely be aware when the baby is no longer on the inside.  And Jilly loves checking the weekly update on my phone to see how big the baby is.  Jilly is really hoping for a brother but Mattie is insistent that it is a GRIL! (not a typo, how she says it.)  

When I found out my due date I laughed so hard because I'm due the same weekend as our church's Primary Program.  I lead the music in primary and I basically spend all year teaching the kids the songs and getting them ready for the program so it's kind of a big deal to not be there.  I sheepishly told our primary presidency the predicament and we decided to move the program to September which gives us three fewer weeks to get ready but should be fine as long as the baby doesn't surprise us and come early.  This conversation on facebook cracked me up- my friend Lauren was our previous Primary President who moved, Jana is the current Primary President.  


Shauna said...

I was MUCH sicker with my boys than I was with Peyton - maybe it's a boy! I think everyone needs one of each, so that would be perfect. Although you make the most adorable little girls, so you can't go wrong! Congratulations Martinez family! Hoping you get past the sick part soon.

Janssen said...

I can't believe you're in Jana Badger's ward! We were Writing Fellows together at BYU and also TAed for the same professor. She's basically one of the people I admire and enjoy most on earth.

And, obviously, congratulations on your baby. So so excited for you guys.

Lisa said...

I can't wait to find out what it is! For some reason, my brain can't really process the thought of you having a boy. So I really hope you're not waiting to find out because if it is a boy, I'll need a few months to get used to the idea! :) So excited for you!