Apparently monthly updates are all I can muster these days.  So, here is April.

We had a nice General Conference weekend.  Bryan had to work all day Saturday so I took the girls to Five Below to each choose a craft.  When they got bored of crafts I got out all our bows and let the girls do my hair then we went on a walk.  That night my parents, Tyler, and Bethany came to visit.  The guys went to Priesthood session but Tyler forgot to pack church clothes, haha.  In the morning Bryan made us delicious cinnamon rolls and between sessions we went to my favorite garden in the city that was full of budding tulips.

Jilly found this "flute" at the park and has performed many, many concerts for us.

The girls have benefitted from my constant need for food with MUCH more frequent than usual trips through drive-thrus. 

A fun Friday swimming at the Y and a warm bubbly bath afterward.

All food smelled gross to me but my fridge especially smelled terrible and it was driving me nuts so I emptied and cleaned it out one day.  It still smelled bad to me but at least I knew it was clean.  (Pregnancy makes me just a bit crazy...)

Saturday morning breakfasts are something to look forward to thanks to Bryan.

Baby Joe's blessing, we love this little boy so much! 

I can't remember the occasion, but the girls look so cozy here.

I planted tulip bulbs in the fall (with an ice cream scoop, haha!) and it's been so fun to watch them pop up.  This wasn't even the peak, I wish I had taken another picture a week later.  

The girls were playing outside and found a worm; I was pretty impressed that my girly girls were brave enough to hold it.

I couldn't find these girls then I heard giggles coming from behind the glass door.  

Getting every last drop of their ice cream

A beautiful day at the temple with Katie and Joey.  

More fast food...

Jillian got strep throat and was sicker than she's ever been.  She never complained about her throat hurting but she had a high fever and a horrible rash all over her body.  The doctor said it was a classic example of the scarlet fever rash.  Poor girl did nothing but lay on the couch for a few days.  Mattie miraculously never got sick but was so sweet and loved to help take care of Jilly.

Mattie spent the month planning her birthday in May; she wants a "puh-ple" party where she will dress up as a purple fairy, Jilly a pink fairy, I'll be a green fairy, and Bryan will dress up like a blue chameleon.  I have no clue where she comes up with these funny ideas.

I took Jillian to Kindergarten registration and got a little teary-eyed talking to her new principal (embarrassing!)  Jilly went into the school apprehensively but by the time we left she was skipping through the halls and admiring all the fun art projects on the walls.  It's not going to be easy for me to send her off every morning but she is going to love it.  After registration we got lunch together at Subway, Jilly's favorite place. 

One Sunday morning Mattie wanted me to curl her hair but I just didn't have time (and I'd already braided her hair like she'd asked!) Bryan offered to curl it and after a little training session he did a pretty good job.  All day long he kept telling her how pretty her hair looked and asking who did it.  This is also the last picture of Mattie with her pacifier.  I told her she could choose any toy or stuffed animal to trade and she wanted a $3 stuffed piggy from Ikea.  Done.  It was very surprisingly an easy transition, mostly because she rarely naps these days so she's always so tired at night.

A lovely Sunday evening walk around the lake.

Jilly's friend had a birthday party and I asked her to make a card for him.  She knew her friend loved Star Wars so she drew Kylo Ren, BB-8, and Chewbacca.  I was pretty impressed, I had no clue she even knew who these characters were!

Doing our civic duty to not vote for Donald Trump ;)

Welcome May!


Lisa said...

So many comments! Those tulips are amazing. Makes me wish I'd planted something. Your hair in the conference picture is so incredible! I'm seriously impressed with the amount of bows. Can't wait to see you all dressed up for Mattie's party! Jilly is looking so grown up! And it randomly occurred to me in the middle of the night, "dude, Rach is going to be the best classroom volunteer/ room mom EVER." You're always going to have all of Jilly's teachers in love with you/her. I'll have to consult with you since that is not my forte but I need Blake's teachers to like me/him since he sometimes struggles to follow instructions. :)

Monica Packer said...

My goodness, you and your girls are so, so darling. And the hair bow game! That was so creative and hilarious! I especially loved the singer's photobomb.